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ATTENTION:  VMRC Gill Net Licensees

We have had reports of the new metal tags being used on gill nets this year breaking off. In some cases, the tags are being zip tied to the PVC flag staff using two of the holes on the tag on the short end of the metal tag the connection is tight, but wave action apparently is flexing the metal plate until the metal tag breaks off at the corners. Example of tag attachment that can potentially break off:

Here are three alternatives that may be longer lasting methods of attachment:

Place tag lengthwise or diagonally secured with zip ties  Use additional screws, machine screws with washers, and/or holes away from plate edge with added zip ties. 

Apply decal direct to PVC flagstaff with clear plastic overlay

As suggested in pictures above, licensees may want to consider drilling extra holes in the tag further in from the edge of the tag and using additional zip ties to secure, or use small diameter machine screws passing through the flagstaff with lock washer and washers to connect the metal tag.

As with any of our license decals the licensee must make sure the surface the decal is applied to is clean and dry before applying the decal, apply the decal only once do not try to stick and then pull off to re-position this will diminish adhesive capability. Please use the clear overlay available at license agents to further protect all gill net decals. 

If a gill netter needs a replacement tag/decal they can go to their local license agent to get one. Virginia statute requires that tags lost from gear must be replaced within 24 hours after discovery.
If you have suggestions on tag attachment methods that have worked well for you please email with your ideas or pictures of attached gill net tags that have worked well.

Link to PDF of this Advisory for posting at agent place of business or other MRC Office.

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