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Publice Notice: Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament Committee 2002

The annual meeting of the Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament Committee will be held Thursday, October 10, 2002 at 7:00 pm at the Pool Lounge at Marina Shores in Virginia Beach. The Committee meeting is open to the public but is not a public hearing with comment on each discussion item as it is considered; however, members of the public will have a period at the start of the meeting to address the Committee.  Agenda follows:

October 10, 2002

I. Tournament Budget - Review budget and explore cost savings in light of mandate to include special funds programs in the budget-cutting process; consider the following in the budget review process:

1) Scale loan program to weigh stations
2) Annual awards for biggest fish & most releases
3) Master & Expert Angler Programs
4) Chesapeake Bay Grand Slam
5) Junior Angler Program
6) Reduce number of Citations awarded from record levels in recent years with more stringent requirements or dropping species
7) Postage costs of mailing entry forms
8) Cut back on program printing - no more stick-on rulers, for example

II. Long Range Plans & Program Philosophy:  Citation Standards - pounds versus inches -  advantages and disadvantages and cost savings

III. Dolphin Citation:  Review 2002 entries (record year), recent trends, and consider whether to raise minimum

IV. Flounder & Spadefish:   Review 2002 changes in minimum weight and evaluate results

V. Tautog, Spadefish & Gray Trout:  Review 2002 inclusion in release program and evaluate results

VI. Barracuda:  Request for inclusion in Citation program

VII. Release Program:  Consider additional species for release recognition (flounder and croaker have been requested by the angling public); public interest in expanding this program is very high

VIII. Senior Division:  Request, again, for a "senior"division for Outstanding Angler Awards Program 

IX. Weigh Station Request:  Request for weigh station status from boat at Southside Marina

X. Appeals of Rejected Citations

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