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                                                                 VIRGINIA SALTWATER FISHING TOURNAMENT
                                                                          SPECIES LISTINGS REPORT

                                                            LISTING BY SPECIFIC LOCATION OF CAPTURE 2003  

Species               Specific Location                     Where Caught   Date      Weight     Length   Release   Bait                           Technique      Citation

CREVALLE JACK        CB BUOY (CB BUOY LINE)                     631      09/27/03      0-00     46.0       Y       LIVE BAIT (FISH)               BAIT FISHING    143953

CREVALLE JACK        CBBT, UNSPECIFIED                          306      08/14/03      0-00     44.0       Y       LIVE BAIT (FISH)               BAIT FISHING    141392

CREVALLE JACK        CHESAPEAKE LIGHT TOWER                     631      09/14/03      0-00     45.5       Y       LURE (PLUG)                    TROLLING        140787

CREVALLE JACK        INNER MIDDLE GROUND; C-13 BUOY             306      08/30/03      0-00     42.0       Y       LIVE BAIT (FISH)               BAIT FISHING    143941

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