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VMRC Meeting Calendar - 2002
Click on links in table below to see agendas of scheduled meetings (if a meeting date is not highlighted, i.e. font color is black then an agenda is not yet available).  Beginning July 2002, draft and final minutes of the Commission meetings and advisory committee meetings will also be posted and accessible through this calendar page.  Further explanation of the Committee acronyms and associated information are below the calendar table.  
October 2002 November 2002 December 2002
VMRC - 10/22/02, 9:30AM [draft minutes | final minutes]

ASMFC Striped Bass FMP, 10/7/02, 7PM

RFAB - 10/8/02, 7PM  

SWFTAC - 10/10/02, 7PM
  [draft minutes]

ASMFC Weakfish FMP, 10/15/02, 7PM

FMAC - 10/21/02, 7PM
[final minutes]

HOLIDAY -10/14/02
VMRC - 11/01/02 (to consider permit case # 02-1496; continued from October meeting) [draft minutes | final minutes]

VMRC - 11/26/02, 9:30AM
 [draft minutes | final minutes]

RFAB 11/12/02, 7PM [final minutes]

FMAC - 11/12/02, 7PM [final minutes]

HOLIDAY -11/11/02, 11/27/02(after 1pm), 11/28/02 & 11/29/02
VMRC - 12/03/02 (to consider permit case # 01-2113; hearing held in Patrick County) [draft minutes | final minutes]

VMRC - 12/17/02, 9:30AM [draft minutes | final minutes]

HOLIDAY -12/24/02 & 12/25/02
July 2002 August 2002 September 2002
VMRC - 7/11/02, 1:30 PM (Special Session) [draft minutes | final minutes]

VMRC - 7/23/02, 9:30AM [final minutes]

RFAB - 7/8/02, 7PM [final minutes]

ASMFC Spiny Dogfish PH - 7/15/02, 7 PM

FMAC - 7/16/02, 7PM [final minutes]

HOLIDAY -7/4/02 & 7/5/02

VMRC - 8/27/02, 9:30AM [draft minutes | final minutes]

FMAC - 8/20/02, 7PM [final minutes]

HCMAC - 8/22/02, 7PM [draft minutes]

VMRC - 9/24/02, 9:30AM [draft minutes | final minutes]

RFAB - 9/9/02, 7PM [final minutes]




HOLIDAY -9/2/02

April 2002 May 2002 June 2002

VMRC - 4/23/02, 9:30AM

CMAC - 4/15/02, 7:00PM

FMAC - 4/16/02, 7:00PM  


VMRC - 5/28/02, 9:30AM

RFAB - 5/13/02, 7PM

FMAC - 5/21/02, 7:00PM (CANCELLED) 

Free Fishing Day - 5/31/02

HOLIDAY - 5/27/02

VMRC - 6/18/02, 9:30AM [final minutes]



Free Fishing Days - 6/1/02 & 6/02/02

Other meeting calendar web sites of interest:

Commonwealth Calendar: VipNet posts public meetings and events going on around the Commonwealth of Virginia.

MAFMC Calendar - Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council. Call (302)674-2331 to find out the meeting location.

ASMFC Calendar - Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Call (202)452-9110 to find out the meeting location. 

Explanation of meeting calendar acronyms:

VMRC - Virginia Marine Resources Commission. Meetings set as 4th Tuesday of each month. Meetings begin at 9:30 a.m.(fisheries items are generally considered after 12 noon). Held at Commission Main office.

HCMAC - Hard Clam Management Advisory Committee. Meetings to be announced. Meetings begin at 7 p.m.. Held at Commission Main office.

FMAC - Finfish Management Advisory Committee. Meetings generally the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. Held at Commission Main office.

CMAC - Crab Management Advisory Committee. Meetings to be announced. Held at Commission Main office.

SMAC - Shellfish Management Advisory Committee. Meetings will be held quarterly. Held at VIMS, Director's Conference Room, Waterman's Hall, Gloucester Point, VA.

RFAB - VMRC Recreational Fishing Advisory Board. Meeting generally begin 7 p.m.. Held at Commission Main office.

CFAB - VMRC Commercial Fishing Advisory Board. Meetings generally begin 4 p.m.. Held at Commission Main office.

SWFTAC - VMRC Saltwater Fishing Tournament Advisory Committee

ESORC - Seaside Eastern Shore Oyster Replenishment Committee. Meetings to be announced. Held at VIMS in Wachapreague, VA.


NOTE: Many committee dates are tentative. Check with VMRC Fisheries Management Division to verify date, time, and place, (757) 247-2200. Shellfish Committee and Seaside Eastern Shore Oyster Replenishment Committee meetings - verify date, time and place by calling 757-247-2120.

Directions to the Commission Main office.

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