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Engineering Technician
Hiring Range: $35,600 – $42,000
Position No. 00008

WORK DESCRIPTION: Full-time position in the upper Newport News, Gloucester, Mathews, and Middlesex area, with full scope of responsibility for surveys of public oyster grounds, new lease applications, leases to be transferred and relocating existing leases as required. Prepares and updates base maps of assigned areas; assist Habitat Management, Law Enforcement, and Fisheries Management in determining lease lines, shellfish condemnation areas, location of artificial reefs, and fixed fishing devices, etc. May research records at Court House for titles and deeds; addresses request from lessees, public, State and other government officials as required.

DESIRED REQUIREMENTS: Requires thorough knowledge of both conventional and GPS surveying principles, processing, mapping and applicable mathematics. Must be able to interact with a diverse population; have a high school education or the equivalent with college level courses in surveying, mathematics, and trigonometry. Need at least 2 years GPS and 2 years of Marine surveying; experience in boat handling and be able to swim. Selected candidate must have a valid Virginia driver’s license. Position requires lifting at least 50 pounds, stooping, and walking.

Physical requirements: Sitting, standing, walking, minimal lifting. Position requires incumbent to perform weekly field work.

Interested candidate can apply on-line at

Application deadline is Friday, March 24, 2017

Contact Information:

Marine Resources Commission
2600 Washington Ave., 3rd Floor
Newport News, VA 23607
(757) 247-2200



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MRIP (Marine Recreational Information Program)
Seasonal Data Field Technician in the area of
Upper Newport News, Gloucester, Middlesex, and Mathews

Duties and Responsibilities: The incumbent will conduct the field portion of the MRIP. This program requires face-to-face interviews with marine recreational anglers. Field staff will travel to assigned sites to interview anglers about their fishing experiences, collect a variety of information, and weigh, measure, and identify fish by species name that the anglers have caught. Assigned sites can include beaches, banks, piers, docks/jetties, and access points for private charter and head boats, including marinas, boat ramps and other points of entry to marine waters. Field staff is responsible for filling out field intercept forms with anglers at these sites in addition to completing several other required forms.

Qualifications: Must have a valid Virginia driver’s license and access to a personal vehicle; be willing to travel a reasonable distance to reach assigned sites; be available on weekends and weekdays, with additional availability during some evenings and nights. Individuals should be comfortable approaching and speaking with strangers; handling, measuring, and weighing fish; and working outside for extended periods of time in variable weather conditions. Must have legible handwriting and meticulous attention to detail and be able to complete, organize, safely store, and ship paperwork in a timely fashion. Must have proven communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work independently and follow prescribed procedures. Must be computer savvy, have a computer and be able to scan and send data from home.

Knowledge of fish species with experience in the area of recreational angling and familiarity of marine waterways in their local area is preferred.

Location and Hours: The seasonal data technicians are required to work a minimum of three (3) 6 hour shifts a week; must have flexible availability, and be able to work any and all of the following shifts: 2am – 8am; 8am -2pm; 2pm – 8pm; 8pm – 2am; regular weekend work will be required and seasonal staff may be required to work at least 12 hours each weekend. ** These positions are hired through a temporary agency

Those interested may contact Jeff Allen at 757-870-4438; or Linda Hancock at 757-247-8052.


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