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October 17, 2005
6:45 pm

I.     Review 2005 Program  - Review entries for 2005, recent trends, and consider impacts on program;  review program philosophy  embraced last two years to make Citation standards true "trophy" standards and how raising several minimums has impacted program; reaffirm our long range program philosophy and how plans can be made to ensure program is consistent to our goals for "trophy" catches and conservation.

II.    Release Program        - Consider impact of adding releases for all species; continue discussion on species which may not be well suited for  catch and release due to survivability or handling issues and  determine appropriate action, if any; including no change, very high release minimums, no release awards allowed, or some other action; consider need to add further definition to release rules to address appropriate handling and measuring issues, including use of gaffs to land fish ultimately entered for release awards and/ or appropriate types and usage of measuring devices

III.    Flounder & Sheepshead    -  Consider impact of continued increase in number of  Citations registered for both species with regard to possible increase in minimum award standards;
IV.    Barracuda            -  Request for inclusion in Citation program; carryover request from last two years

V.    Citation Certificate        -  Combining catches and releases

VI.    Appeals of Rejected Citations And State Records  -  In addition to typical appeals, also have appeal from Alvin Wimbrough of rejection of state record striped bass due to applicant holding a commercial hook-and-line license; discuss program rule 1(b) and its ramifications and whether there is any need to amend or change our program rules and procedures

VII.  Public Comment Period        -  The public will be invited to comment on the proposed agenda items, and any other matters that affect the Citation program, at the start of the meeting - 6:45 pm. Meeting will start at end of public comment period.

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